“K” is for “Krispy”

Mr. Krispers Baked Rice Krisps

Overall Score: 5 /5

These crackers, or “Krisps” are one word; outstanding. They are probably the tastiest, crispiest, potato or tortilla chip alternative I’ve ever tried! These little Krisps of goodness are made with both brown rice and corn, giving them a unique flavor that you can’t find in many other chips! Since these Krisps are made from no other grains than rice and corn, they also make a fantastic snack alternative for those who avoid gluten!

The awesome people at Mr. Krispers were kind enough to send me two out of four of their awesome flavors! The flavors I received were Sea Salt and Pepper, and Sour Cream and Onion! The other flavors they offer are Barbecue and Nacho – talk about quite the awesome variety!

The two flavors I was sent, were delicious! The texture of both was perfect; airy, light, and crispy. They’re not greasy at all, and they have a great crunch. The Sea Salt and Pepper had just the right balance of salt and pepper without one overpowering the other, and I found that they also serve as a great “dipper” because their subtle flavor doesn’t overpower the other food or dip you may be pairing it with. The Sour Cream and Onion Chips were awesome! I liked them much better than regular Sour Cream and Onion Potato chips. It tasted like the flavor was really baked into the chip itself, so they had a very consistent taste to them. The onion flavor wasn’t outrageously strong, and they chips had just enough flavor to really keep me sticking my hand in the bag for more!

Aside from flavor, these Krisps are also super healthy! They’re all natural, contain no perservatives, artificial colors or flavors, are trans fat and cholesterol free, contain no wheat/gluten, contain 60% less fat than regular potato chips, and each generous serving (37 chips!!) has less than 120 calories!

Talk about a great chip! I will definitely be buying these in the future, and I can’t wait wait to try all their other awesome sounding flavors!

Other than their Baked Rice Krisps, Mr. Krispers also offers Multi-Seed Chips, Baked Nut Chips, and Tasty Nut Crackers!


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