“Krackers you Krave”

Kathy’s Krackers

Overall Rating: 5/5

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit skeptical when I first recieved these “krackers” . A raw, flaxseed Kracker, that has this many healthy benefits, AND it tastes good? It can’t be! Well, the people at Kathy’s Krackers, surely proved me wrong! These were delicious! Not only do they have huge flavor, but huge health benefits as well! These crackers, which are almost like crispbreads in a way, are made out of flax seeds, making them crunchy and crisp! Flax seeds are also extremely healthy, and contain loads of health benefits! You can learn more about flax here. They come in three delicous flavors: Savory, Salsa, and Apple Cinnamon! Along with flax seed, these Krackers are also chock-full of delicous fruits and vegetables, which act as binders to hold them together – making them super flavorful! Some other ingredients include sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds, which just add to the awesome crunch factor that these Krackers have!

Check out the texture!

You can see all the seeds, fruits, and vegetables! So fresh!

The first flavor I tried was the Salsa. I thought it tasted just like I was eating chips and salsa! I got the crunch from the Krackers, and the sweet and spicy flavors of salsa that are created from the tomatoes, peppers, garlic, cumin, and oregano that the Krackers contain. They just tasted incredibly so fresh!

The next one I tried was the Savory, which I found to be pretty similar to the Salsa flavor, except with a little less spice! These had the same wonderful freshness as the salsa – it felt like I was eating fresh veggies!

The last flavor I tried, and my favorite of the three was Apple Cinnamon! This flavor was slightly sweet, and had a warm, comforting taste. This Kracker contains real apples, cinnamon, and is naturally sweetened with Stevia! These have a big apple flavor – and taste like apple pie, but in the form of a guilt free crunchy, delicious snack! They certainly will satisfy your sweet tooth!

These Krackers also have tons of health benefits! They’re raw, gluten free, vegan, and contain no artificial preservatives, so they’re a great snack for those who have a special diet, or for those, like me, who like to eat healthy, without feeling deprived! According to Kathy’s Krackers, you can benefit from these if:

  • You suffer from constipation
  • You want to lose weight
  • You are hypoglycemic
  • You are diabetic
  • You want to have smoother skin and shiny hair
  • You are allergic to wheat gluten and need a bread substitute
  • You are a vegetarian
  • You need a healthy snack to take along on your hiking or biking trip
  • You have high cholesterol
  • You need more essential nutrients
  • You are tired of eating foods with empty calories
  • You are trying to add “essential fats” (omega-3 and omega-6) to your diet
  • You are trying to strengthen your immune system
  • Your doctor told you to change to a healthy diet
  • You have cancer

WOW! Talk about a beneficial Kracker! You can really feel good about eating these!

And these Krackers are also so versatile! Click here to see all the ways to enjoy!


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