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Long time, no… type?

Hey everyone! Sorry about being not posting for so long – things in my life have been totally crazy, but I promise, I’ll try to be better about more regular postings.

I haven’t taken a break from cooking though! I’ve got some awesome recipes in store for ya! My mom and I have decided to start a new project called “What’s for Dinner Tonight?” To save money at the grocery store, and to challenge ourselves to try new things, we’ve been planning out our dinners for the week! We have SO MANY cookbooks and magazines that we go through and flag recipes to make, but then never get around to making them. Our goal is to pick at least one cookbook or magazine each week and find a recipe to use for each night! We’re really trying to expand our palates and try out different ingredients and cooking styles, as well as make things easier in the kitchen, since our lives can get so crazy! We really wanna stop just “winging it” and staring blankly into the cabinets and fridge because we have no idea what to make. I’m really excited to try out so many new recipes, and even more excited to share them with you all! This is our fourth day of menu planning, and so far all of the recipe’s we’ve tried have been FABULOUS!

So far this week: (Recipes to come!)

– Spanikopita Burgers with Homemade Tzatziki

– Shrimp-Avocado Tostadas

– Italian Flag Pasta Toss

– Lime and Honey Glazed Salmon with Warm Black Bean and Corn Salad

–  Thai Chicken Pizza

I’m also so behind on my product reviews, so I’ll be trying to get those up ASAP as well!

And don’t think I forgot about my photography! I’ve been absolutely loving the sunny weather and beautiful colors and flowers of spring!

Stay tuned! I’ve got some awesome posts coming! 🙂


Be Back Soon!

Hey Everyone! So, as you all have probably noticed, I’ve been seriously MIA for the last few months. I’ve just been so busy and so many things have been changing and happening with my life ( I can eat wheat and gluten again!!!) and I haven’t have time to update the blog, but bear with me for these next couple weeks and I will hopefully be back after the holidays! I have a ton of new review and recipe posts planned, so keep checking back, and I’ll be back soon!